WoodChuck Cider – Raspberry, Pear & Cherry are Beers of the Week!

WoodChuck Cider is our Beer Cider of the Week!

Why have one beer of the week when you can have 3 right? Well that’s what we got goin’ on this week at R!
We have WoodChuck Raspberry, Pear and Cherry, not coz’ we couldn’t decide, but coz, well, why not!


Raspberry is a well-balanced cider that is light and refreshing. Delicate in body with a little extra zip that takes everything great about hard cider and kicks it up a notch with a fresh sweet raspberry finish. Enjoy the brand that started the American cider revolution.


Pear is ideal for when you want a Woodchuck® that’s a little outside of the ordinary. Artfully balanced, this cider is light in color and bursting with crisp ripe pear notes. Enjoy the brand that started the American cider revolution.


Fresh apple melds with tart, sour cherry notes in this surprisingly balanced cider, which offers nothing unexpected aside from those two simple notes — apple to start, cherry to finish — but which drinks more like a grown-up soda than a typical cider. That said, it’s one of the better ciders I’ve experienced in recent memory thanks to its vibrant fruitiness.

“Aroma is cherries and fruit/barrel/very slight funk. The flavor is apples, cherries, fruit, slight vegetables and a mix of spices and tart in the finish.”

At a Glance

  • Cider
  • One tastes like Cherry
  • …One like Pear
  • …and the other, Raspberry
  • Brewed by WoodChuck
  • All are REALLY refreshing!
  • 5.5% ABV

WoodChuck Cider – Raspberry, Pear and Cherry – all available this week at R!

WoodChuck Cider

“You know what – it’s summer. And refreshing beverages is the order of the day. And you know what else? These are really refreshing. Now, if you please, another while I sit on your patio 🙂 “

Reviews from RateBeer and by real, live RBar patrons and bar staff!!