Oasis Brewing 2.13 – Beer of the Week

Oasis Brewing 2.13

Oasis Brewing 2.13 – Beer of the Week RBar’s Beer of the Week!

This weeks’ #BeerOfTheWeek comes to you from Oasis Brewing, TX. It’s a fine Pale Ale and a nod to the service industry that keeps our beers, wines, and spirits flowing.

This, from Austin’s Craft Beer Website
Oasis Texas Brewing Company (OTXBC) and local service industry community forum In The Weeds recently collaborated to create a beer called $2.13 in appreciation for those in the service industry. $2.13 Pale Ale is also meant to increase public awareness that our service industry receives low pay without any adjustment for cost of living since 1991.

This collaboration beer is called $2.13 which is the federal minimum wage for tipped employees. $2.13 is described as a Bantam Pale Ale, coming in at 4% ABV. $2.13 is a sessionable ale with great flavor, light hop aroma, and will be affordably priced. This craft beer will rival the price of the “cheap beers of the world” without sacrificing the high quality OTXBC offers year round the $2.13 will be available in cans.”

“Ok, so I tried this the other day and it’s really good. I do like Pale Ales, yes, but this one is super smooth and almost refreshing to drink. In fact, I think I’ll have another!”

At a Glance

  • Bantam Pale Ale
  • Oasis Texas Brewing Co., TX
  • Light hop aroma
  • Seasonable with great flavor
  • Well balanced
  • Bartender Terry loves it!
  • ABV: 4.0%

Come and try some Oasis Brewing 2.13 at RBar this week!

Oasis Brewing 2.13

“HA, I love it! It’s a great nod to the service industry and a pretty good pale to boot!””

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