Sam’s Daily – Beer of the Week

Sam's Daily is RBar's Beer of the Week! Sam's Daily, brewed by Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co is this weeks beer of the week at RBar. Hallertau Hops give this authentic American Cream Ale its tempered aromatic qualities, while the Pilsner and Light Munich malt backbone provide a crisp, crushable finish. It's our newest go-to when we want to beat the heat. Canned ... Read More

Halloween Party and Costume Contest

Halloween Party and Costume Contest
It's October which can only mean one thing - it's the annual RBar Halloween Party and Costume Contest! On Saturday October 29th, at around 8pm, all manner of ghoulish, freaky and funky folks are due to descend upon Memorial Drive, at a bar known as R for fun, food and drinks. In previous years we've seen the werewolves, vampires and ... Read More

Saint Arnold Oktoberfest – Beer of the Week

Saint Arnold Oktoberfest
Saint Arnold Oktoberfest is RBar's Beer of the Week! This full bodied, malty, slightly sweet beer celebrating the Autumn harvest is RBar's Beer of the Week. This rich beer has a round malt flavor and an above average alcohol content perfect for a cool fall evening and can be your for just $3.00 (usually $4.50) this week only! “Love this beer! ... Read More

Bohemia – Beer of the Week

Bohemia is RBar's Beer of the Week! So you've tried Corona, Dos XXX's and maybe Modelo Esp. Fine Mexican beers, for sure. But have you tried Bohemia? If not, now's your chance because it's RBar's beer of the week until Sunday and can be picked up for just $3 (regular price $4.50). “Amid the sea of pale, watery Mexican beers, Bohemia ... Read More

Easy Peasy IPA – Beer of the Week

Easy Peasy IPA
Easy Peasy IPA is RBar's Beer of the Week! If there was ever an IPA made just for summer, then sessionable Easy Peasy IPA is it! Brewed with tangerine and lemon peel, and Pacific Northwest aroma hops, this is one juicy concoction you can enjoy year-round. Our newest year-round comes out next Monday in shelves and this Saturday at our brewery ... Read More

Session Premium Lager – Beer of the Week

session lager
Session Premium Lager is RBar's Beer of the Week! Session Premium Lager by Full Sail Brewery, Oregon is an American pale lager that is available year round with a balanced malty, crisp and refreshing flavor and moderate head. Do not underestimate this beer just because it is a lager and comes in a small dumpy bottle! This unassuming little beer was named #1 ... Read More