Founders Brewing Company – PC Pils

PC Pils
PC Pils, by Founders Brewing Company, is RBar's Beer of the Week! Pleasantly crisp, perfectly clean and profoundly crushable, PC Pils is our take on the classic Pilsner style. While Noble hops have been the preferred choice of Pilsner brewers around the world, we went with some of our favorite American varieties. Piney Chinook, pleasantly citrus Cascade and punchy Centennial ... Read More

Karbach Lemon and Ginger Radler – Beer of the Week

Lemon and Ginger Radler
Karbach Lemon and Ginger Radler - Refreshment Redefined! This right here, is going to be a big hit this summer. Cool, refreshing and different - Lemon and Ginger Radler, by Karbach, is utterly perfect for hot afternoons with friends and any day ending in 'y'! Radler: German for "cyclists," Texan for "Damn refreshing!" Whether riding a fixed gear, a skateboard, ... Read More

Oso Bueno by 11Below Brewing is Beer of the Week

Oso Bueno
Oso Bueno is RBar's Beer of the Week! This fine American Amber is brewed for the summers and cuisine of Texas. Subtle sweet notes of caramel and toffee, along with a balanced hop flavor create a beer that's so refreshing and delicious it can only be called... Oso Bueno™ Oso Bueno, on draft, is our beer of the week starting Monday ... Read More

Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen – Beer of the Week

Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen
Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen is RBar's Beer of the Week! They were dangled before us: big, beautiful, luscious apricots. Our minds said No, but our bodies said, Yes. As usual, we gave in to temptation - and created this delicious brew! “The taste is perfect. I love this beer. A simple, flavorful heffe that is brought to life by the apricots. ... Read More

Uncommon Cowboy – RBar’s Beer of the Week

UnCommon Cowboy
Uncommon Cowboy is RBar's Beer of the Week! The Uncommon Cowboy is a beer for people who like a beer that’s a little…different. This beer is a California Common style, not commonly found outside of California. But it’s a style we love. And we put every drop of passion and energy we have into making the most perfect version you can find outside ... Read More

Texas Secession is our Beer of the Week

Texas Secession
Texas Secession - from 3/13/17 until 3/20/17 The State of Texas is now in the full possession of a beer fitting for the quality of her People. Brewed with superb Texas grown malt and American hops. Purely for the leisurely day time enjoyment that the People deserve. “A very easy-drinking blonde beer, great for tailgating, the river, or anything Texas!” ... Read More