Session Premium Lager – Beer of the Week

session lager
Session Premium Lager is RBar's Beer of the Week! Session Premium Lager by Full Sail Brewery, Oregon is an American pale lager that is available year round with a balanced malty, crisp and refreshing flavor and moderate head. Do not underestimate this beer just because it is a lager and comes in a small dumpy bottle! This unassuming little beer was named #1 ... Read More

McKenzie Pumkin Jack – Beer of the Week

McKenzie Pumpkin Jack
McKenzie Pumkin Jack - Seasonal Hard Cider! - Beer of the Week. It’s All Treats & No Tricks with McKenzie’s “Pumpkin Jack” Fall Seasonal Hard Cider! This selective Seasonal uses only the finest real pumpkin and fall spices to enhance and excite both your nose and your taste buds! “…Pours a light caramel with a wisp of white head, some ... Read More

Football Frenzy Weekend!

Football Frenzy Weekend

It’s a busy weekend for football coming up at R! Saturday 9-10 @ 11am Cougars V Cardinals Chips and Queso Hotdogs Pizzas   ____________________ Sunday 9-11 @ 12pm Texans V Bears Pulled Pork Slider Coleslaw Beans Potato Salad PLUS – $3 Bloody Mary and Mimosas   Sports? We got you covered!  

Oskar Blues – Beers of the week

Oskar Blues - Beers of the Week at RBar. We have Beerito (on draft), Old Chub and Mama's Little Yella Pils in cans. We have the Old Chub (can), a Scottish Ale, malty deliciousness! Mama's Old Tells Pils (can), a good refreshing pilsener. And Beerito (draft), a Mexican lager but so much better!! Great beer, great price and they give back where ... Read More

GhostRider White IPA – Beer of the Week

Ghost Rider White IPA
GhostRider White IPA is RBar's Beer of the Week! Legend has it the Ghostrider roams the high-desert seeking revenge on those who stole his recipe for the perfect IPA… we might be in trouble! Ghostrider White IPA is an unfiltered Belgian style IPA with coriander and is brewed by Wasatch. Its a smooth drinking, crisp ale made from pale barley ... Read More

Interesting Facts about Wine

Interesting Facts about Wine

Wine. We know it’s made from grapes right? But did you know that women are generally better wine wine tasters than men as women have a better sense of smell? Here are some other interesting facts about wine. Red wines are red because fermentation extracts color from the grape skins. White wines are not fermented with the skins present. There … Read More