Cigar City Tampa Lager – Beer of the Week

Cigar City Tampa Lager

Cigar City Tampa Lager is RBar’s Beer of the Week!

Inspired by traditional German lagers, Cigar City Tampa Lager is brewed with German malted barley, Hallertauer hops and an authentic Bavarian lager yeast. We combine these ingredients to create a style that’s quite unique to our hometown of Tampa, Florida but will find admirers wherever a crisp, dry and flavorful lager is called for. Familiar to generations, it’s truly a beer that’s made for drinkin’.

“Cigar City Tampa lager is truly one of the best beers I have ever tasted. I poured it from a can into a pint glass. It had a 2-3 finger head which slowly receded into a decent lacing, which lasted until the glass was empty. The color is clear golden with a decent amount of carbonation. The smell is slightly floral. The taste is a combination of hops, toasted grains, and hint of orange. This is a very tasty and easy to drink lager. ”

At a Glance

  • American Pale Lager
  • Brewed by Cigar City Brewing, FL
  • Bread-like malt
  • Hop flavor of grass
  • Crisp clean Tampa style
  • IBU: 22
  • ABV: 4.5%

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Cigar City Tampa Lager Can

“This is an excellent lager, light and crushable but full of character, i like how sort of authentically German it feels, with a nice earthy crackery European malt profile and this crisp but flavorful lager yeast, more layers of flavor here than almost anything out there that this light, really good four season ripper, literally a three or four sip can of beer when its ice cold. “

“Very easy drinking, malty, and simple. Yet an excellent brew. Something you can enjoy in quantity because it’s so drinkable, but also a brew that you drink slowly and savor.”

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